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Strategic Partners

Information Systems Integration is your trusted partner.

Governmental relations firms rely on absolute privacy and trust, which can be difficult to establish with an outsourced IT partner. When you are looking to establish a long-term relationship with Managed Technology Services Provider, trust in essential.  With 23 years of relationships with some of Washington D.C.’s top lobbying professionals, Information Systems Integration has a proven track record of strategic partnership within the field.

Get in touch with Information Systems Integration to discuss our managed services offerings as well as the partners we team with to ensure that you’re always operating at the top of your game. Contact us at info@isicg.com or (866) 788-2354 for more information.

Information Systems Integration provides world-class service for governmental relations firms by carefully selecting the partners with which we do business. The strategic partnerships we select allow us the flexibility to definitively meet your needs. We stringently review and select our partners to ensure that we can offer our clients:

  • Simplified IT tasks
  • Trusted privacy and security
  • Reduced IT expenditures
  • Collaborative efforts and efficient results

Our partners offer the best hardware, software, security features, and cutting-edge applications of new technology currently available. To provide you with the finest services and support possible, Information Systems Integration is proud to work with the following partners:

  • AppRiver
  • OnRamp
  • BW Communications
  • Mozy Pro
  • Intel
  • AMD
  • Dell
  • Lenovo
  • Dropbox Business

You deserve the best in IT support, and that only comes from those who work with the best themselves! Information Systems Integration has the most reliable partners in the business, so to learn more about what we do for Washington, DC and State Capitals firms, call us at (866) 788-2354 or email us at info@isicg.com today. 

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