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Small Town Technology Firm Serves Big City Clients

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May 20, 2016

Small town technology firm serves big city clients in the nation’s capital, while embracing the tech-driven economy from an unlikely location.

Information Systems Integration (ISI) began in 1993 in the metro Washington D.C. area.  From the beginning, and somewhat unintentionally, the focus of ISI technology consulting and services spread into the government relations sector within the D.C beltway.  Over time, this accidental market became our primary focus, leading to ISI becoming the leading IT consultancy firm among lobbyists.

ISI’s business model is unique in at least two ways.  First, we serve a market that is greatly misunderstood among the general public and often maligned in the media.  While ISI is not directly involved in lobbying the government, we have found the industry to be staffed by professionals who are passionate about the causes they represent.  Secondly, thanks to emerging and tested technologies, our ever-connected world allows ISI to serve its clients remotely from rural Yoakum, Texas.

Thus, when people think of influential lobbyists and leading-edge IT consultants, Yoakum, Texas isn’t the first place that comes to mind.  However, ISI is working to change attitudes concerning internet-driven businesses thriving in unlikely locations.

“In the way that Amazon has transformed the retail world, we hope to transform the manner in which businesses view technology services by leading them to look outside traditional regions, such a Silicon Valley.  We also hope to invest our success in Yoakum by helping people realize innovation and technology can flourish in unexpected places.  This paradigm shift has led our client’s in Washington D.C. to view us as a trusted partner that just so happens to operate from Texas.  From their perspective, it is as though we had an office across the street,” says Michael King, Chief Operating Officer of the firm.

ISI’s transformation began when CEO and Founder, Kenneth Holley, relocated his family from the Washington, DC area to Yoakum in 2006.  By residing in Texas and working virtually in the nation’s capital, ISI accomplishes meaningful work from a distance, which will increasingly become the norm in our increasingly connected world.

“We are working to change attitudes in Yoakum and in Washington, D.C. concerning how people work and live in the 21st century.  From the rural perspective, communities should understand that geography no longer limits our ability to achieve a national business footprint.  From an urban point of view, there are a multitude of benefits in utilizing outsourced services from professionals, even those who prefer to live in rural areas.  The digitization of our world is shaping an emerging gig economy that will call for changes in attitude and lead us to workplace innovations.  We must embrace this shift and work hard to thrive within it.”, says ISI founder and CEO, Kenneth Holley.

ISI enjoys its unique footing among Lavaca County businesses and looks forward to making investments locally by setting the pace of what small, rural firms can achieve.

About Information Systems Integration

Founded in 1993, Information Systems Integration (ISI) specializes in providing precisely tailored Information Technology solutions and services to government and public relations firms in Washington, DC and state capitols throughout the nation. ISI is the only technology provider in the country with over 23 years of experience working exclusively with the top lobby firms in DC and state capitols. More information is available at: https://isicg.com


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