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Predictive Analytics Powered by GovPredict

Information Systems Integration empowers you with the insight of predictive analytics for leading edge legislative monitoring.

Our strategic and innovative partnership with GovPredict (GP) positions Information Systems Integration (ISI) as the industry leader in serving government and public relations professionals.  Leveraging the power of technology-driven predictive analytics allows your team to gain significant insights, providing the power to build deeper relationships with legislative leaders, and serve your clients more effectively – all while saving significant amounts of time.  This is another groundbreaking example of ISI’s commitment in driving the digital transformation in the government and public relations space.

GovPredict is an accurate, real-time predictive analytical suite.  With its robust feature set, GP allows the forecasting of legislative probability on both federal and state levels.  Based on algorithmic machine-learning, GP provides in-depth analysis of bill characteristics, congressional voting records, district demographics, and many other meaningful and customizable variables. GovPredict provides an arsenal of features, which include:

  • Online Bill Comparison with Document Trove: GP saves you hours with our line-by-line bill comparisons, including comps for appropriations, amendments, and additional useful features.
  • Landscape of Lobbying Activity: GP erases the need for LDA databases and tracks disclosures for you. This allows you to establish personalized notifications and uncover coalitions lobbying for specific issues.
  • Date-Driven, Actionable insights: GP plays moneyball with big data and powerful algorithms that predict campaign donations and effective legislative co-sponsors ahead of your competitors.
  • Accurate Congressional Staff Directory: GP provides you access to the most accurate and up-to-date listing of congressional staffers and their roles – single-click congressional communications.

Create an innovative advocacy environment within your firm using GovPredict.  Let Information Systems Integration implement and launch the powerful GP tool for you today.  Call us at (866) 788-2354 or email us at info@isicg.com to learn more about predictive analytics.

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