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NIST Updates Their Guidelines to Accommodate Mobile Technology and Teleworking Trends

The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) recently released a new draft of guidance for telework protocol that urges the importance of establishing virtual mobile infrastructure (VMI) technology. As an update to their 2009 documents on the topic, this update features new guidance for accommodating telework, as well as mobile technology.


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Contained in NIST documents 800-46 and 800-114, the update recommends the use of VMI technology to limit network information access to customized mobile operating systems that are to be hosted on virtual machines. The reasoning is that once the teleworker’s session ends, the intermediary connection is destroyed, leaving no residual vulnerability.

Furthermore, the update establishes the importance of mobile device management (MDM) policies in businesses that allow mobile device use among their employees. Adequate MDM policies can ensure that any mobile access to sensitive business data is performed on devices and in a manner that meets cybersecurity standards.

These updates are in response to the increasing difficulty that firms, businesses, and federal agencies have experienced with the rising popularity and adoption of mobile technology and remote work.

NIST provides invaluable guidelines for maintaining adequate cybersecurity standards. In addition to other resources, NIST’s Cybersecurity Framework consists of standards and practices to promote the protection of critical IT infrastructure. As always, it’s vital that you ensure your business is in line with the cybersecurity standards laid out by NIST, especially if your employees use mobile devices to work outside of your main offices.

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