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Secure Your Small Business with My Digital Shield

Effective cybersecurity represents a significant challenge for the small to medium sized business (SMB) sector.  While these businesses represent the backbone of the American economy and employ a large swath of our population, they often do not garner headlines like their large corporate cousins.  This lack of focused attention has left small and medium sized firms, those with fewer than 999 employees, with less secure technology across multiple spectrums.

mydigitalshieldcircleFrom the IT angle alone, small businesses face unique challenges due to their generally measured budgets and limited capital.  The bottom line is large businesses rarely face the constraints that those in the SMB market encounter when it comes to cybersecurity measures.  Corporations often hire both in-house and on-demand expertise to implement costly on premise solutions which keep those environments optimally protected.

Traditionally, the SMB market has relied heavily on endpoint security such as well-known software applications which are installed on the workstation and laptop level.  The endpoint in techno-jargon is the most common point of interaction between employees and technology.  Most frequently, the endpoint is either a desktop or laptop computing device.  While endpoint security solutions were optimal ten years ago, these applications simply do not offer peak protection today.  So, what is the bottom line?  These applications and their defensive measures are no longer reliable or effective given today’s severe threat landscape.  Cyber criminals have long eclipsed the protective mechanisms that these software applications offer to their users.

Imagine then the ability to secure your small business network utilizing enterprise level Unified Threat Management (UTM) at a cost effective price.  Envision alongside this proven solution the opportunity to retain expertise in the cybersecurity field at an equally efficient price point.  UTM products, specifically My Digital Shield (MDS), when coupled with experienced IT management perform multiple security functions in the blink of an eye giving your business effective cybersecurity and business owner’s peace of mind.  MDS offers reduced complexity, single-sourced solutions, easy installation underwritten by Information Systems Integration’s expert offsite management all packaged at price small businesses can afford.

With MDS, small firms gain the ability to forgo expensive and ineffective firewall solutions by moving their network perimeter to the cloud via an MDS cloud link device.  This elevated perimeter represents the virtual boundary that hackers cannot easily cross.  MDS’s innovative device, backed by their ongoing threat intelligence, then forwards and filters one’s incoming internet connection through their cloud-based security process.  The Internet Service Provider’s (ISP) connection is then routed back to the firm’s network as clean and secure internet.  The result is a sheltered network environment that impedes malware, ransomware, phising attempts, and numerous other forms of cyber malfeasance.  To sum this up in laymen’s terms, unfiltered internet enters one’s office and through the power of My Digital Shield your firm receives truly clean Internet.

Information Systems Integration (ISI), as the leading IT consultants and platforms provider within the lobbying sector, is committed to industry leadership on the issue of cybersecurity within the SMB market.  As a result of this priority, My Digital Shield recognizes our expertise and has labeled ISI as a premier partner in utilizing and promoting the benefits of their one-of-kind solution.  We recognize cybersecurity as an imperative in protecting the firms we serve and the families these firms support.

However, the greatest hurdle the SMB market faces in dealing with cybersecurity is inaction.  Before any solution can be implemented, the SMB market must understand that cyber threats are real and represent a perilous danger to your income potential and personal reputation.  Regardless of the solution your firm implements or the provider you select, ISI encourages immediate and ongoing vigilance on the cyber front to protect your SMB firm today.

“Teaming up with ISI over 16 years ago has proved to be one of the best business decisions I ever made.”

David Taylor, Principal, Capitol Solutions
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