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Mobile Device Protection

Trust in Information Systems Integration to protect your mobile devices.

Mobile technologies such as tablets, smartphones, and laptops are essential business tools for professionals with demanding schedules. When your smartphone or tablet is out of commission, your work schedule may very well suffer.  This is why it’s important to keep your devices protected against accidental damage and other defects.

To make the most of your mobile platforms, Information Systems Integration offers the peace of mind that comes with an Extended Service Plan.

Information Systems Integration will safeguard your firm’s valuable smartphones and tablets against damage and disrepair. Contact us at (866) 788-2354 or info@isicg.com today to learn more. 

Information Systems Integration wants to help you protect your investment! We offer comprehensive Extended Service Plans (ESP) that ensure your mobile devices are protected against the most likely occurrences (Terms and conditions apply to specific coverages), which may include:

  • Accidental Damage from Handling
  • Defective Buttons or input points
  • Broken Connectivity Ports
  • Defective Pixels to the Screen Area
  • Power Surge Coverage
  • Dust, Internal Overheating, Humidity and Condensation Damage

Information Systems Integration ESPs are offered for one and two-year terms on most new devices.  Stop worrying about accidentally dropping your smartphone, or putting up with a cracked screen on your tablet.

The added benefits of a Information Systems Integration ESP are:

  • One-year tablet coverage is provided for all Managed Services clients
  • No deductible for tablets and laptops
  • ESPs may be purchased for professional or personal devises
  • Our rates are lower than AppleCare and most wireless carriers

An Information Systems Integration ESP removes the risk that comes with using a mobile device for business. Get your ESP today by reaching out to us at info@isicg.com or phone at (866) 788-2354

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