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Information Systems Integration Maintains Optimal Awareness of Modern Cybercrime Tactics and Prevention at US Chamber of Commerce 2015 Cybersecurity Conference

No business, large or small, is immune to cyber threats.  In fact, small to medium-sized businesses are often at greater risk because cybercriminals assume a less secure IT security posture.  Given the methodology and skill involved in modern hacking methods, it is no longer a question of when your business will be targeted by cybercriminals; it’s a question of when.  Without modern and up-to-date IT security policies, procedures, and controls in place, businesses are unquestionably at risk in a decidedly digital world.

The current state of cybercrime and cyber-terrorism was addressed at the 2015 Cybersecurity Conference, hosted by the US Chamber of Commerce, held in Durham, North Carolina on December 15th – Information Systems Integration (ISI) was proud to be among the attendees.

This year’s conference focused on both the benefits as well as the dangers of today’s digitally connected business world.  The reality is that data theft is the most commonly reported type of fraud today.  To adequately protect their clients from cybercrime, IT support providers must remain up-to-date on the latest threats as well as innovative and effective deterrents and remediation.

A central theme at the conference was the critical importance of implementing the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Cybersecurity Framework.  In addition to outlining vital response and remediation procedures, the NIST framework provides a comprehensive approach to cybersecurity hygiene.  Adopting the NIST framework is a must for all businesses, and ISI can ensure that your implementation process is seamless.

Topics covered at this year’s conference included:

  • Latest cybersecurity threats
  • Identifying and preparing for potential threats
  • Economic impact of cybercrime
  • Emerging trends in hacking methods

The event featured panel members and keynote speakers including:

  • Patrick Gouhin, Executive Director & CEO International Society of Automation
  • Russell C. Deyo, Undersecretary for Management, DHS
  • Stanley Crowder, Special Agent, U.S. Secret Service
  • Douglas Reeves, Professor of Computer Science; Associate Dean of Graduate Programs for College of Engineering, NCSU Department of Computer Science
  • Ann M. Beauchene, Senior Vice President, U.S. Chamber of Commerce

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