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Ready to Make the Change to Hosted Exchange?

Microsoft Office 365 has an undeniable presence in the business world. It’s wide-spread popularity for cloud-based email could lead you to believe that it’s the best option for your small-to-medium sized government relations firm, but Information Systems Integration wants you to know that there are superior alternatives.

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Hosted Exchange allows your firm to utilize off-site Information Systems Integration servers that enable office processes at your office from a remote location. Thanks to the unparalleled scalability of Hosted Exchange, Information Systems Integration can design a configuration that directly suits your firm’s needs. With your own Hosted Exchange configuration, you can enjoy a range of features that aren’t available with Microsoft Office 365, which include:

  • We can design the size of your email inbox to fit your precise needs and expectations.
  • Security measures can be added to ensure that your emails and digital assets are kept secure.
  • We use SecureTide anti-spam and anti-virus software to keep your email safe, which has the added benefit of no user quotas.
  • By hosting your email through our servers, you eliminate the need for costly, space-wasting on-site hardware.
  • A uniquely designed Hosted Exchange solution can fit a smaller firm’s needs better than a Microsoft Office 365 subscription, and often, at a much better price.
  • Hosted Exchange is fully compatible with Microsoft Outlook, which means you don’t lose any capability by choosing it over Microsoft Office 365.
  • You keep your existing email addresses

Get the most out of your company’s email accounts by upgrading to Hosted Exchange. To learn more about what we can do for your firm’s email, contact Information Systems Integration at (866) 788-2354 or send us an email at info@isicg.com now.

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