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What can you do to address your WordPress website’s vulnerabilities?

A client of ours recently suffered a cyber attack on their firm’s website, which resulted in the site needing to be rebuilt. The WordPress-based webpage was hacked via a theme-based vulnerability. Thus, once the hacker had unrestrained access to the online domain, they manipulated its PHP.  This manipulation gave them root access to the entire trove of online data. With this level of access, the hacker soon infected the site with malware and other inappropriate material, at which point it was taken down by the administrators to limit further damage.

Wordpress Hack

Don’t put your online reputation at risk with these all too frequent hacking schemes. Contact Information Systems Integration today at (866) 788-2354 or info@isicg.com to discuss reliable IT security measures for your firm’s website.

As one of the most utilized website hosting platforms on the Internet, it’s likely that your firm uses WordPress for its online presence. So, what can you do to proactively thwart cyber attacks?

  • While regular website and data backups are vital to the process of proactive prevention, in instances like the attack described above, this process is not enough. Because the hacker gained root access to the site’s data from a WordPress standpoint, this gave them access to both offsite credentials and the cloud-based backups. Thus, an online compromise as this level rendered the backups useless.
  • Even though industry leaders agree that WordPress provides a great framework for website design and hosting needs, the vulnerabilities lie in its unsecrure plug-ins. Even a single poorly coded plug-in can compromise the most robust security measures that are in place.

As best, modern cybersecurity measures are 99.9% effective; cybersecurity experts around the world agree that hacks and data breaches are an inevitable part of business. Therefore, it’s vital to have proactive monitoring capabilities to identify and address an incident when it occurs. Additionally, a proactive team of IT and cyber defense experts, such as the team at Information Systems Integration can work to protect your GR firm.

A cybersecurity foundation isn’t simply based on the most current online and data defense solutions; firms need the proven expertise on their side as well. With a reliable and knowledgeable partner in IT, you can ensure that your website is as secure as possible, doesn’t use overly vulnerable plug-ins, and benefits from proven security practices, policies, and procedures in the event of a breach.

Contact Information Systems Integration to hear about the most effective web security practices to keep your firm’s online presence safe. Contact our IT security professionals at info@isicg.com or (866) 788-2354 today.

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