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ISI Serves Up the Next Generation in Security Awareness Training

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December 9, 2016


Information Systems Integration (ISI) is pleased to announce our strategic partnership with Ataata – an emerging leader in the next generation of security awareness training for today’s workforce.

ISI has made securing our client’s networks the top priority of 2016.  As we move into 2017, the outlook for increasing emphasis on cybersecurity preparedness remains a significant facet of our work on behalf of the clients we serve.  In fortifying this renewed focus, Kenneth Holley, ISI’s CEO has said, “Cybersecurity should now be viewed, by every business of every size, as a critical line of business application.”

In applying sound technical standards in the push toward security, ISI is keenly aware that solid technical solutions alone will not win the battle.  Beyond solutions which work to keep our client’s data secure, the human element remains all too often the unaddressed “x-factor” in the ever-evolving challenge of maintaining cyber resilience.

As a result, ISI is now delivering Ataata’s innovative antidote to human error through their unparalleled training platform.  Ataata has developed the leading behavioral firewall through clever training modules delivered at an effective and efficient pace.  When coupled with cutting-edge technical skills, clients utilizing Ataata’s strategy will become less susceptible to the work of hackers.

Michael Madon, CEO of Ataata, had this to say about the new partnership, “At Ataata, we are fully committed to reducing human error in the workplace and are thrilled that ISI recognizes the value our platform will bring to their clients.”

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